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45 BILLION LABELS seen by every man, woman, and child in the U.S. every single day.

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Drive purchase intent and stay relevant by giving brands life

When you print 45 billion labels a year like WS Packaging does, you’re big. But to compete at this level, you also have to be agile. And innovative. By constantly exploring and evolving new ways to innovate and breathe new life into their clients’ brands, WS is leading the way in creating innovative packaging that increases shelf impact, shopper engagement, brand consistency and packaging line productivity.

Imagine if your brands were ageless.

By showing examples of how our packaging gives brands life and consistently voicing that message across all touch points, WS is repositioned to instill this sense of innovation, agility and impact to their current and prospective customers. Examples include advertising, trade show panels, website, and video.

How do you get 45 billion labels into 47 seconds? See how in the launch video of “Giving Brands Life.”

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You can’t just say “Give your brand life.” You have to design and deliver enticing labels that intrigue and involve - from trade shows to the wine store shelf.

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