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With consumer buying habits ever-changing, engaging customers is not optional. It is essential.

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Leverage innovative packaging capabilities to expand brand conversations

Do you ever think there’s more to your brand than meets the consumers’ eye? Of course there is. There’s depth, color, emotion, information, goodness, even joy. So how do you reveal all the possibilities of your brands to consumers eager to enjoy the benefits – and happy to have a 1-on-1 conversation with your products?

Positioning Fox Group in this way, as they added digital print production to their existing bindery and craft finishing services opened up a whole new world of possibilities for their clients’ brands: Truly distinctive packaging design. Eye-popping finishing expertise. Amazing customization. Cost-saving efficiency. 100% in-house production.

As a brand owner, are you ready to reveal what’s possible, attract new customers and revolutionize your ROI? See the sales tools created to bring in new customers, host “lunch and learns,” and amplify what’s possible across all touch points.


This icon promotes production capabilities that are “100% in-house.” That’s huge for convenience and saving money, particularly when competing against suppliers overseas.

An icon representing “color quality” showing Fox’s true colors is a dynamic way to distinguish the brand and stand out on the shelf.

Thinking “outside the box” is something Vicki does for all of her clients. Imagine the possibilities for your brand.

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This icon was designed to show the “allure” of distinctive packaging. If you’re about to have a 1-on-1 conversation with your customer, you better look your absolute best.

This icon was developed to signify “lightning fast.” It’s a proven production technique to help Fox’s customers outpace competitors.

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