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Vicki Strull

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    Truth be told, the blend of left-brain Ivy League
    intellectualism with right brain dynamic creativity
    and 25+ years in the industry is a unique
    combination. I am always looking at the big picture,
    thinking like a CXO (Chief Experience Officer)
    when developing brand positioning—ever-aware
    of customer experiences and market trends.






    A Fresh Perspective

    The design of your packaging can make (or break) your sales, your growth, and your brand. A compelling package can

    • Stop a person in their tracks
    • Trigger an impulse purchase
    • Capture market share
    • Acquire a new audience

    With today’s technology, anything is possible to elevate your design and meet the expectations of today’s fickle and discerning consumers—from augmented reality to unique, hyper-customization, from a full sensory experience to social responsibility and sustainability.


    My Specialties


    Sound design strategies empower business growth. My collaborative approach is proven to:

    • Generate new revenue streams
    • Break into new markets
    • Acquire new clients

    Together, we will define, research, brainstorm, evaluate, facilitate, and train. Deliverables are customized for each client, but may include an analysis, a process, a system, research or a series of workshops for your team. Typically the work is contracted as a long-term engagement.

    Creative Direction

    Don’t let confusing headlines, inconstant branding or copy-cat marketing crush your sales. Today’s consumers expect a harmonized, seamless experience during every step of their journey: from the retail shelf to their home and on their digital devices. Together, we’ll:

    • Determine your positioning
    • Define precise value propositions
    • Develop clear messaging
    • Create consistent branding across all touch points—from mobile online to retail off-line and everywhere in between.

    Packaging Design

    Today’s consumer has a very short attention span. And it’s getting shorter. To be seen and engage consumers, your design needs to be instantly bold, colorful, and compelling. Design is essential for attracting, engaging and delighting consumers—from initial brand research to the point of sale, product use, social sharing, and even into the recycle bin.

    Working together, we’ll examine every facet of the consumer’s experience with the package:

    • Seeing it online
    • Noticing it on the shelf
    • Picking it up
    • Purchasing it
    • Unboxing it
    • Reviewing it and sharing it online

    Then, through a collaborative process of brainstorming, concepting, and refining, we’ll create designs that make consumers say “Wow!”

    Brand Identity Design

    First, design the foundation

    Engaging packaging begins with strong branding elements. If those are not established, we’ll begin with the basics:

    • Logo
    • Typography
    • Color palette
    • Graphic elements
    • Hierarchy
    • Brand guidelines

    Then, we’ll apply this graphic system across multiple touch points—from print collateral, direct mail, and signage to websites, e-blasts, and social media content.


    As a speaker and presenter, I share expertise, stories, and game-changing case studies via keynotes, educational sessions, workshops, master classes, corporate events, and conferences around the world.

    • Stay current with latest industry innovations
    • Keep pace with future trends
    • Empower your team with cutting-edge design strategies