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Vicki Strull

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    the power
    of design
    to move ideas
    from concept
    to cart

    We leverage strategy,
    creative direction,
    packaging design, and
    brand identity design to
    impact product sales,
    foster unwavering
    brand loyalty, and
    drive economic growth.

    Every Second Counts

    The clock is ticking the second a consumer considers a purchase. In the time it takes you to read this paragraph (8 seconds), your product has won or failed the packaging race. Competitors vie for consumer attention and dollars, making it essential to stand out with bold, compelling packaging designed to sell. Time’s up.

    Design for Growth

    Wow your customers with design that is instantly engaging and memorable. Pair design with consistent messaging for harmonized customer experiences. Generate new revenue streams with the latest industry innovations.

    It’s not design— it’s design strategy.

    Understanding and conversing with clients in business terminology reshapes conversations from the aesthetics of the design — a subjective conversation — to how a design achieves specific business goals — an objective conversation. We discuss the “why” behind concepts and design choices and how those will achieve your intended goals.

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    My Specialties


    Sound design strategies empower business growth. Our creative and collaborative approach is proven to:

    • Generate fresh revenue streams
    • Break into undeveloped markets
    • Acquire new clients

    Together, we will define, research, brainstorm, evaluate, facilitate, and train. Deliverables are customized for each client but may include an analysis, a process, a system, research, or a series of workshops for your team. Typically, the work is contracted as a long-term engagement.


    Creative Direction

    Today’s consumers expect a harmonized, seamless experience during every step of their journey: from the retail shelf or digital cart to their home —which is why stale tactics like confusing headlines, erratic branding, or copycat marketing can crush your sales.

    Together, we’ll:

    • Determine your positioning
    • Define precise value propositions
    • Develop clear messaging
    • Create consistent branding across all touch points—from online mobile to offline retail — and everywhere in between.

    Packaging Design

    Today’s consumer has a very short attention span — and it’s getting shorter. Your design needs to be instantly bold, colorful, and compelling to be seen and engage shoppers. Innovative design is essential for attracting, engaging, and delighting people—from initial brand research to the point of sale, product use, social sharing, and even into the recycle bin.

    Working together, we’ll examine every facet of the shopper’s experience with the package:

    • Seeing it online
    • Noticing it on the shelf
    • Picking it up
    • Purchasing it
    • Unboxing it
    • Reviewing it and sharing it online

    Then, through collaborative brainstorming, concepting, and refining, we’ll create designs that make consumers say, “Wow!”

    Brand Identity Design

    First, design the foundation

    Are you attempting to sell a product before putting your design fundamentals in place? Intriguing branding begins with robust visuals and a compelling story. If those aren’t present, we’ll get back to the basics:

    • Brand Story
    • Logo
    • Typography
    • Color palette
    • Graphic elements
    • Hierarchy
    • Brand guidelines

    Then, we’ll apply this graphic system across multiple touch points—from print collateral, direct mail, and signage to websites, e-blasts, and social media content.


    As a designer, I address motion and emotion. I move people to take action, and I, well, move people by engaging their feelings and talking to them — not at them

    As a speaker, I strive to put these two elements — motion and emotion — into every talk. I share expertise, stories, and game-changing case studies via keynotes, educational sessions, workshops, master classes, corporate events, and conferences worldwide.

    • Stay current with the latest industry innovations
    • Keep pace with future trends
    • Empower and inspire your team with cutting-edge design strategies
    Case Studies
    Case Studies

    Increase Consumer Engagement

    You’re having a conversation. You’re interacting. You get to know their interests, schedule, and desires. You begin to form a successful and rewarding, loyal relationship. You become indispensable and your consumer is willing to pay more for your product because of that tight brand loyalty. As a brand owner, imagine if you could speak directly, even intimately, to your targeted consumer. This isn’t the future. It’s now.

    Case Studies

    Drive Purchase Intent

    As a brand owner how do you connect with a consumer that is increasingly inundated with social media, online content, persuasive product reviews, and some 10,000 marketing messages a day? Why not customize the packaging so it speaks directly to your consumer? Quite simply, drive purchase intent by using your packaging to make your brand much more relevant in a highly personal way.

    Case Studies

    Build Brand Loyalty

    Think brand loyalty is a slam dunk? One respected study predicts 40% of companies on the S&P 500 today will not exist in ten years. In other words, there’s never been a better time to build up, retain, and sustain brand loyalty. It’s amazing how packaging is evolving to help marketers do just that.