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    From marketing, branding, and design to consumer psychology and behavior, I am a speaker and presenter known for my passionate expertise, engaging storytelling, and unique insights. Audiences leave the room feeling inspired, energized, and above all, motivated.

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    Design & Branding

    The clock is ticking the second a consumer considers a purchase and robust design and branding are a driving force of commercial success. In fact, design is one of the most distinctive ways to differentiate and revolutionize how people interact with a company. In presentations focused on design and branding, learn how to attract and engage people in new and exciting ways with strong design, branding, and production, and choose from some of these key takeaways that are both strategic and actionable.

    Key Takeaways:

    • How to build trust and loyalty with customers through design and packaging
    • Strategies to capture shoppers’ attention in 8 seconds or less, including haptics and variable data
    • Strategies to create memorable packaging that gets shared online
    • The design process from concept to cart. Discover opportune moments to collaborate with designers and marketers. (This one is for printers, converters, and suppliers.)
    • Case studies of effective branding—new and refreshed brands.
    • The latest marketing and design trends

    Personal Branding

    Are you the complete package?

    As a creative professional, I’ve designed for a multitude of brands. In this presentation, I apply the tenets of building a strong brand strategy and apply those to personal branding. Are you intentional about how you show up in person and online? Does it feel like you’re playing a role, or are you being authentic? What do your hairstyle, clothing, and even your handshake convey? Using my more than 25 years of experience, I will teach you how to create a meaningful, authentic personal brand that aligns with your personal and professional goals.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Identify your purpose and develop messaging that supports your goals
    • Find your voice
    • Create positive first and second impressions
    • Learn what your personal brand touchpoints are
    • Examine how you show up—offline and online


    Want sustainable success? Amp up your commitment to sustainable packaging and design to build trust.

    How can brands become stewards of the environment in today’s world of overabundant plastic, consumption, and waste? An authentic culture of sustainability today is more than simply specifying certified or recycled paper. Brands can employ strategies that not only help the environment but are good for business. In these presentations, I show inspired and innovative examples of what forward-thinking brands do to be more sustainable, meet people’s expectations of environmental responsibility, and ensure brand longevity.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Uncover strategies to reduce excess packaging, such as light-weighting, exchanging fiberboard for plastic, inventing new purposes for packaging after-market, and right-sizing
    • Learn about the circular economy and how to take responsibility for the lifecycle of packaging
    • Discover how to use renewable resources to build trust with people during their path to purchase and once they are customers
    • Develop a corporate culture that earns respect internally and cultivates loyalty externally with sustainable print and packaging


    When every second counts while people are shopping, and with so much of our time spent online, how do brands create emotional connections with shoppers? Why do we feel like we own a product simply by touching it? What can we do to packaging to increase the value of products? And how does design encourage people to share their unboxing experiences online?

    Key Takeaways:

    • Why touch is so impactful in driving impulse purchases, creating memorable experiences, and sharing online
    • Build brand loyalty by engaging all 5 of your senses
    • See finishing techniques and embellishments that improve brand and product perceptions

    Consumer Psychology

    Is anything more valuable than money? Time? Effort? Social Capital?

    The first step in developing loyal and engaged customers is understanding that in addition to money, people also spend their time, energy, and reputation on a product and with a brand. In essence, our time, effort, and reputation are currencies that we are willing to spend in stores and online.  Recognizing this is as essential as knowing WHO your customer is, WHEN they interact with your brand, and WHERE they are within their customer journey.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Recognize people’s time, energy, and reputation as a currency they will spend on a brand
    • Segmenting audiences by demographic, geographic, or psychographic methods is valuable to create emotional connections with your customers
    • Discover the various ‘Moments of Truth’ and how to captivate customers during each one
    • Find opportunities to connect with people along their customer journey, as a new or repeat customer
    • Design marketing touchpoints so customers and prospects will allocate more resources to yourbrand

    Designing for Business

    Creative professionals are accustomed to fielding questions about color palettes, fonts, pixels, and UX, but is your team versed in The Language of Business? When designers understand revenue goals and business terminology, their design decisions become objective business decisions rather than subjective aesthetic ones, and their designs have a better chance of being approved.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Learn how to speak the Language of Business to get a higher seat at the table and be more powerful in the business world
    • Examine the difference between revenue, margin, and profit
    • Get comfortable talking about de-commoditization and market share
    • Learn how to explain why design decisions achieve various business objectives
    • Understand how design impacts Customer Lifetime Value
    • Learn how to talk to stakeholders about the Return on Impact as it relates to Return on Investment