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    Packaging A New World


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    One often-noted factor challenging designers, companies, and brands is the ability to achieve their stated sustainability ambitions gets derailed by the underlying complexity of their packaging design. We know we can have a greater impact on making packaging more sustainable, but we just don’t know where to start.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn 3 strategies to rethink your packaging design to make it more sustainable, have a positive impact on the waste stream, and how to make choices that keep packaging within the circular economy.

    We’ll address three key areas to consider when creating new packaging:

    • Replace single-use plastic with recyclable materials
    • Remove water from products, impacting CO2 footprint
    • Reuse and Refill “forever” packaging

    Packaging Design is playing an increasingly important role in a brand or company’s overall success.  As the packaging industry moves beyond plastic toward renewable resources, we want you to create brands and packaging, using your skills to design and envision new products, new systems, and new ways to use materials that don’t harm the planet.

    This webinar will inspire you to rethink your packaging by considering ways to make every package more sustainable.